Edgar The Final Knight.

"A Hero that many dream and pray for for thousands of years, yet disappeared into the nights sky like the suns last light, many believe he will return when the people need him most"


He rushed in front of his comrade only to be stabbed in the shoulder with a short sword, he did not flinch. His hand grasped the blade leaking blood from every single crevice in his hand, he pushed the blade back with his opponent, the enemy dumbfounded, he threw the blade away from the enemy, any mortal man should have been incapacitated from this blow, but Edgar isn’t a normal man, He has a will that no other could possess, and that is the will that let him win countless battles, the people who have seen him in battle know that he is the last of the true knights, the true warriors, yet despite his fame and legendary status, not much is known about him or were he went after the reformation of society…


Edgar The Final Knight.

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