Galdren Hunter of the Deep Waters

"A Dragon.. brilliant beautiful creatures.. they resemble all the hopes, fears, and ambitions of the modern adventurer... It is my duty to squash these.. I am the only one capable and the only one who deserves the glory" - Galdren


Galdren is a Half Elf who is one of the leaders of the Dragon Slayers of Hamora, and also there Figure head. He is a very tall man with snow white hair braided up in a pony tail, with a long pale face. It is unknown how he battles, but it is said hes killed many dragons over the 35 years hes lived. Some may say he is arrogant and selfish, and then some might say he is extremely intelligent and a hero.

He has been Figure head for 10 years and his origins are mostly unknown.


Galdren Hunter of the Deep Waters

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