Pyren of Myren

"A fair man that Pyren... Although he is a bit of a drunkard, what do you expect from a man with such a busy job?"


Pyren of Myren may have a funny name, but he is a very important man, He governs the city of Myren and the resources it produces.

Myren has a lot of the Stone, iron and other resources that the rest of Doldren needs. Southern Doldren mostly relies on Myren for this, and Pyren has his grip around it. Luckily Pyren is a good hearted man, and makes fair trade throughout the kingdom, If this position were in the wrong hands, many in the land would not be able to access these resources.

Pyren is not originally from Myren, It is said that his father Garrund had come at a time of need, and there was no one to lead Myren through the dark period. Garrund had a child with a dwarvern woman Citrine who then had Pyren.

Pyren has been praised as a leader who makes fair, and good buisness deals for Myren and the rest of Doldren. He has been a good leader in that regard, However he is known to be brash and sometimes has ignited rivalries with people who cross him.


Pyren of Myren

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