Age Town

Age Town is one of the biggest and remote villages in New Doldren
Even though Age Town is a usually a very peaceful village more recently Black Hawk bandits
have settled in a forest nearby, and have even occupied an abandoned building in the village

The Tavern: Moes Tavern is owned by Moe a half beastman, and usually has interesting characters in his bar.

The Doctors: Doctor Shen is known to be kind of a rude recluse although treats every patient that walks into his door

Astrologist: Doctor Arhu and his son Remmy, are not the Doctors of the village, they study magic and the laws of the universe, and are very open people.

Alliance Gaurds post: The head of Age Towns Gaurds is a man named Jack, very stubborn and kind of arrogant, good man at heart though.

Mayors Office: Jordin the jolly old mayor of Age

Age Town

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