Dragon Slayers of Hamora

An ancient well known order that hunts Dragons, which operates from the northern Hamoran mountains. They have branches throughout all of Edelstein.

They began as a Dwarven mining colony gone mercenary, They had run out of valuable resources to peddle and turned to doing dirty work for simple coin because many of the miners were trained warriors. One day a miner named Artrom found a vast quantity of an unknown material while digging through the ground in a last ditch effort to get the best out of there cave systems. He took some back into his home, and examined it further. As it turns out this stone like material was imbued with some sort of magic, and furthermore it appeared that it was naturally this way.
Artrom tried selling this material to many merchants, and none offered him a good enough price for what he found, eventually he gave up and mined all of it, leaving it in his home.
After a few years dragons had come to Hamora, and eventually attacked Artroms mining colony. Few dwarves could stand against the behemoth who ravaged the colony, and eventually Artroms house was burnt to a crisp, however the stone lay unharmed.
The Dragon upon seeing the stone shrieked in fear and backed away, Artrom seeing this hurled a sharp bit of the stone at the dragon, and the dragon was burnt and seeming to be injured flew away in fear.
Eventually Artrom made armor and weapons from the material he dubbed “Hamoran Steel” and recruited strong mercenaries from all around the land to hunt dragons, as hunting dragons was one of the most profitable forms of hunting.
Later Artrom was able to find an incredible amount of this metal, and dug very deep into the earth, however not to sell it, to covet, for if his organization was the only with access to such a material they would be the only ones able to hunt the dragons.

the pit which the Dwarvern colony use to stand is named the Crater of Artrom, and is now barren, the last of that strange material being stripped by the Dragon slayers.

The Dragon Slayers of Hamora are now a wealthy group of Warriors from all races, who now accept very little into there ranks, and operate quietly from there Citadel in Hamora. They now hunt beasts, mainly dragons and beasts of large stature, if paid well enough. The steel is mostly effective against Dragons, but has a nice buff against a lot of monsters.

There current Figure head is Galdren Hunter of the Deep Waters

Dragon Slayers of Hamora

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