The Old Kingdom of Shorr

When the New World was being formed Most of the adventurers who put the world back together wanted to bring about a new form of government, the Alliance.
but the problem was a large mass of the people backing this new world still stuck to there old ways and traditions,
thus The Old Kingdom of Shorr was formed.
Shorr was the last name of the family of knights who wanted to keep the old ways, thus from the upbringing of the new world The Knights of Shorr were formed. and together they took the land to the west of Doldren and called it there own.
Shorr is widely forested, most of the bottom half of the country is all forest area, the forest has never been fully explored by man, thus may mysteries and legends have been born from the forest.
Shorr also contains a very large Desert named Bungarra, as well as a tundra type area named Lundyren.
But by far the most tourist heavy areas are Red Rock and Azareth, for there beautiful natural features.
The bluewing river runs across the land.

Politics and Religion
Politics in Shorr are completely different than in New Doldren, infact almost polar opposites
in Doldren most discretions are to be taken up with the law and to be looked at in a non-bias light.
while in Shorr the law is to be taken up with The priests/priestesses of Zora the Religion of Shorr. All laws go by the Book of Zoraka the holy book of Zora.
The King of Shorr and leader of the knights of Shorr is a man named Goddfree Shorr
he is the king and ultimate decider of fates before the High Light Larehem the Chosen priest of Zora.

In Shorr they believe in slavery as long as the person being Slaved is guilty of a crime, or is a full-blooded elf.
The Book of Zoraka is known to have denounced Full-Blooded Elves as Treasonous to the ways of Zora, and as ruthless experimenters who have no qualms about toying with magic/reality.
They also believe that Men have the right to chose who they marry, and woman do not.
And that if a woman is to refuse there marriage she is required to go to the Priest to see if the reason is valid.
The Knights of Shorr also believe that heavy violence is acceptable under “the grace of Zora”
people who refute Zora in Shorr are shunned and eventually exiled.

Shorrs Military force known as The Knights of Shorr, is the most powerful army of knights in the world, but are known to use even the most extremes of violence to get what they want.
The highest branch of The Knights of Shorr are the Swords of Zora, A group of 3 radically religious warriors with devastating ability. They are famous throughout the lands of Edelstein.

The Old Kingdom of Shorr

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