The Silver Fang

A group of beast hunters who hunt all manner of creatures, they harbor disdain over the Dragon Slayers of Hamora and wish for them to share there Hamoran steel with them.
The Silver fang are a very open group of hunters which post there bounties all over Edelstein, they pay fairly well, and take care of there hunters.

They started in Red Rock, when a half-orc named Hultar was tired of the vampiric beasts who slaughtered his entire family. Eventually he gathered together a group of warriors with his outstanding leadership skills and charisma, then he killed the pack of Vampires who slaughtered his family.

After the fight was over many of the people he gathered and trained had no work, and no way to pay there coin, so he formed the Silver Fang, which would become the second best group of monster hunters in Edelstein. Hultar still devotes his life to his organization, even in his old age.

Any major city will have a bounty board outside there guards barracks, and on it you can find not only wanted men, but also the Silver Fangs Hunts.

The Silver Fang

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