• A Face of The Dark Tower, Sheshian

    A Face of The Dark Tower, Sheshian

    A killer from the Dark Tower
  • Baron Cortington

    Baron Cortington

    Tortured man on the edge of death, held in the Mongrel Encampment
  • Bowmen Eastshore

    Bowmen Eastshore

    Middle aged man born in Shorr, not much is known about him besides hes an archer/hunter, but he always visits his hometown of Age.
  • Byron Ageaus "Knight of Woe"

    Byron Ageaus "Knight of Woe"

    Legendary fighter, and battle commander "Knight of Woe"
  • Daniel The Wide Eye

    Daniel The Wide Eye

    Daniel the Wide Eye is a mercenary known for his keen sight and senses
  • Deeno Ageaus "Prince of Calamity"

    Deeno Ageaus "Prince of Calamity"

    Son of Byron Ageaus, Prince of Calamity.
  • Doctor Mage Arhu

    Doctor Mage Arhu

    a Scientist Doctor, who studys magic, and the sky. He also has a keen interest in alchemic studies.
  • Doctor Shen

    Doctor Shen

    A rude sarcastic man, who is doctor of the village, he will treat anyone who is willing to pay, although not always with a smile
  • Edgar The Final Knight.

    Edgar The Final Knight.

    "A Hero that many dream and pray for for thousands of years, yet disappeared into the nights sky like the suns last light, many believe he will return when the people need him most"
  • Fears Disciple

    Fears Disciple

    "Alone in the gold forests of Azareth to the north of Shorr, I encountered a beast- no not a beast... I encountered the embodiment of fear itself. Its warped sickening appearance was enough to break any man alone"
  • Galdren Hunter of the Deep Waters

    Galdren Hunter of the Deep Waters

    "A Dragon.. brilliant beautiful creatures.. they resemble all the hopes, fears, and ambitions of the modern adventurer... It is my duty to squash these.. I am the only one capable and the only one who deserves the glory" - Galdren
  • Garp wingheart

    Garp wingheart

    An old man who walks the trails everyday
  • Gerald of the Behemoth Sword

    Gerald of the Behemoth Sword

    "And the last thing I saw, was a beast, pouncing unto his prey, a giant man lethal and boorishly strong, yet tactical and precise, he spilled no blood. He was a nightmare"
  • Gore Blackhawk, Leader of the freedom run gang

    Gore Blackhawk, Leader of the freedom run gang

    Gore is a mean, angry, hedonistic man, who will do what he wants when he wants.
  • Heris the Forlorn Knight

    Heris the Forlorn Knight

    as Menacing as she may be, theres something sad in the air around her, something... horrifying.
  • Herol Mongrel of Atlas leader

    Herol Mongrel of Atlas leader

    Herol is a bandit leader of Atlas peaks.
  • Jordin Harry

    Jordin Harry

    Jordin is an old farmer/ makeshift warrior in the old times, he wears an eyepatch to cover gruesome injury.
  • Joshua Corenta

    Joshua Corenta

    The leader of Covenant who worship the gods of Roren
  • Kelly Echelston

    Kelly Echelston

    A priestess of Covenant
  • Knight Gaurd Jack Seaborn

    Knight Gaurd Jack Seaborn

    Jack is a stern, stubborn knight who manages Age Towns security. albeit he has a heart of gold.
  • Kuron Deadmen

    Kuron Deadmen

    A serious middle aged Woman mother of Sharen, she manages the pillars
  • Leland Giantsbane of Bone Country

    Leland Giantsbane of Bone Country

    A fearsome yet respected Giant, who is not mean nor cruel, yet is wanted for an unknown crime.
  • Locke Incarnation of Deidras Will.

    Locke Incarnation of Deidras Will.

    "An evil aura hit me, and I turned around to see a bull like demon arise from the cracks beneath the ground, I passed out, and before you know it I was awake with scars all over my body.. days later"
  • Mayor Neran

    Mayor Neran

    Mayor of AgeTown a nice man, who plays with the kids around the area, and helps the farmers out as well as managing the city. very jolly man.
  • Meleran of Azule

    Meleran of Azule

    "Oh Meleran, what a hilarious gentleman. I almost forget he is one of the strongest fighters in the land, and that he alone has killed thousands..."
  • Moe hepton

    Moe hepton

    Beast born who runs moes
  • Numora Ancient Ent man

    Numora Ancient Ent man

    His Sorrow is beyond human comprehension, yet he is a man of great magic and wisdom
  • Olanna of the Cold

    Olanna of the Cold

    A mysterious robed woman claiming to be a follower of Roren gods.
  • Pyren of Myren

    Pyren of Myren

    "A fair man that Pyren... Although he is a bit of a drunkard, what do you expect from a man with such a busy job?"
  • Quirrya Necromancer of the Black Tar

    Quirrya Necromancer of the Black Tar

    A dangerous Necromancer known for her Horrifying blood magic
  • Redmen Torry Dwarf of the Age

    Redmen Torry Dwarf of the Age

    Redmen is a Dwarf who constantly gets talked down too, yet is very smart.
  • Remmy


    A 15 year old boy, son of Arhu the Doctor mage
  • Rorik of the Hidden Valley

    Rorik of the Hidden Valley

    "My one encounter with Rorik you say? Yes... He was a very secretive stern man, I could feel his discontent and his blood boiling through the air, however unpleasant he may have seemed, he did seem like a very strong man... and a man with a dark agenda"
  • Sharen Deadmen

    Sharen Deadmen

    A brooding sad girl who lives and takes care of the pillars of glass
  • Willy Mareston

    Willy Mareston

    A priest who travels across Doldren, currently staying at the Pillars learning from the ancient structure/tomb
  • Yara Lost knight of Shorr

    Yara Lost knight of Shorr

    Yara is a sly talking Mercenary who was a Knight of shorr but abandoned there army.
  • Zarq Dorahem

    Zarq Dorahem

    Mysterious foreign trader who is very sly with his tongue
  • Zima the Impenetrable

    Zima the Impenetrable

    "I thought that after I met Zima, I would hate her in some sort of way. Truth is I cannot, She is a fighter who seeks to change Shorr from the inside, and is a very strong woman, but who is changing who... is Shorr being changed or is Zima..."