Great City of Correem (Capital of Doldren)

The enormous bustling city of Correem, a large number of white stone buildings amassed around a gigantic pure white castle, The city is located on the side of a great hill, making the structure of the city kind of odd, crooked and sideways. this is where the king use to live in the old Doldren that came before, now the alliance does there ruling here with the figure head Furlen Ageaus leads. this city has multiple so called “Districts” within it

upon entering the city you will be in the Correem way gate area
The gate area is home to multiple middle class homes and family, A few taverns, inns, and a doctor are located here all around the main gate, with fountain in front of the gate area

to the left of the way gate area youll find the the district known as Rena Ordella, where a lot of foreign ambassadors reside and traders, the foreign market is located here with everything you will need.

to the right of way gate youll find an area known as Magenta city
a slightly lower class area, where people live in smaller more affordable buildings with a small private gate in the walls that leads to more gated off farm lands, youll find the mainland market here

to the left of Rena Ordella you will find the Knight holm District, where knights of the realm live and so does the city gaurd, if you served in the war or for the realm you are granted free quarters when needed.

to the left Of Knight Holm District you will find the the District of Prayer an area with many Churchs of multiple religions and faiths, as well as different burial grounds within the city, people live in this district as well, but not as many.

to the right of Magenta City is the Karsten District, a District with a very large amount of homes and gardens of all prices, as well as a house of devoted mages and scientists known as the House of Jule Reborn.

to the right of the Karsten District is a dangerous area known as Cold Rod Town, more of a redlight district sort of thing, many theives and underground workers live and do buisness there. it is known that a shady group of unknown criminals control this area

at the head of Doldren lay The Castle of White and the capital district full of rich and wealthy people and noble houses, this is where much of the deception and cruel games the nobles play take place. the alliance lives here as well.

Great City of Correem (Capital of Doldren)

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