New Doldren

New Doldren is a large kingdom parallel to Shorr. It was the first to be saved by Adventurers, and the most civilized by far.
Doldren is home to a few different climates and environments, In the South there is the swampy Misty Graves, There are the thick and luscious forests of Quinn, and the mountainous region of Hamora.

The capital city of Correem is located in the center west area of Doldren.

Most of New Doldren is covered in a sheet of spring green grass and forest area.

Doldren is known to have an alliance located in Upper Hamora,
The Alliance is split into two levels
The Higher Alliance and the Lower Alliance
A few key generals, and highly influential characters make up the alliance, and decide most of the key decisions.
These decisions are communicated to the lower alliance members (Mayors, Chiefs, Area Leaders.) and they make the smaller Decisions which are approved in the Higher Alliance.

Currently New Doldren has engaged in war with The Old Kingdom of Shorr. which are in dispute over Morals, and land. Shorr keeps the old traditions from before the Dark Period. While Doldren is a more liberal country. Shore has no qualms about keeping slaves. and keeps the religion Zora as there main religion and government, while Doldren has no religious base.

Currently the Rebellion to overthrow Shorr has formed and has no correlation with New Doldren.
however There bases are in New Doldren so they can hide from the Knights of Shorr.
The mysterious Rebellion, which not much is known about, will not side with New Doldren, because of The Alliances greed and lust for money. Living Wages have been abnormally high, and they blame the Alliance for it. while not enough to rebel.

The Alliance’s Army is very big, and Full of knights and guards from around the land, There current base is in Hamora With few bases scattered in Doldren.

There are multiple special units, the most famous unit being the Impassable Sword, being comprised of 6 of the best knights in the world.

New Doldren

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